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Cogiton long time



Ginkgo biloba, Vitamins C-E-B, Selenium, L-Cysteine, Carnosine, Co-enzyme Q10, Beta-carotene.
20 capsules
€ 24,70
Ginkgo Biloba and B vitamins help maintain normal cognitive functions. Selenium, Vitamin C and Vitamin E help protect cells from oxidative stress and support the immune system.
One capsule per day with half glass of water.
Consulting a doctor is advisable when taking anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents. Do not take during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Area: Neuropsychiatry

Cogiton is a dietary food supplement that contains Gingko Biloba, Vitamins C-E-B, Selenium, L-Cysteine, Carnosine, Co-Enzym Q10, Beta-carotene.

In the last few years special attention has been increasingly paid to oxidative stress in the brain. Under normal conditions, the damage caused by free radicals is successfully combated by efficient antioxidant systems. When the harmful oxidative systems prevail, the brain is particularly vulnerable because of its very anatomical structure.

Free radicals are the main responsible for damaging the body. They are atoms or groups of atoms that can react with any molecule which makes up a cell (even DNA!) and impair it with often catastrophic consequences. Functions are altered, structures are affected, eventually leading to the death of the cell.

The damage is caused by the fact that free radicals are “hungry for electrons”; they become stable and lose their harmful potential only when they can tear electrons off the molecules they interact with (oxidative action).

Antioxidant molecules can fight the damage caused by oxidative processes by inhibiting lipid peroxidation, production of other free radicals, apoptosis, mitochondrial dysfunction, cytotoxic damage and oxidative damage to proteins and DNA.

Long-term use of substances that help maintain oxidative balance may be an essential addition to other primary and secondary prevention approaches for Alzheimer’s Disease and mild cognitive impairment.

Cogiton is a dietary food supplement that contains Gingko Biloba, B vitamins, carnosine and an antioxidant complex (vitamins E and C, co-Enzym Q10, beta-carotene, selenium, L-cysteine). It exerts a specific action on the bioregulation of cognitive impairment.

In particular Ginkgo Biloba enhances memory and cognitive functions and can improve the well-being of the mind. It increases brain microcirculation and helps oxygen and glucose diffusion in the brain. It also inhibits the Platelet Aggregation Factor(PAF) and normalises haemorheology of the brain.

Selenium, vitamin C and Vitamin E protect cells, proteins, lipids and DNA from excessive oxidation and maintain good functions of the immune system.

Vitamin E has a role in increasing the resistance to age-associated cognitive impairment, whereas vitamin C is essential to the protection of the mnemonic-cognitive functions.

B-vitamins help maintain normal psychological functions. They are excellent antioxidants for cell membranes and protect against free radicals and other oxidative agents. They reduce levels of homocysteine (which has long been known to cause endothelial lesions whose levels may correlate with EEG variations in patients with Alzheimer’s) and activate the pentose phosphate pathway.

Carnosine stabilises cell membranes and protects them against peroxidation. It also protects brain proteins from oxidation of amyloid (protein which is formed in the brain and is believed to be responsible for cognitive impairment).

The formula is complemented by two additional liposoluble antioxidants: co-enzyme Q10, a non-enzymatic antioxidant which tends to remain inside cells, and beta-carotene, specific to cell membranes.