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In compliance with existing regulations and for the purpose of a fair and transparent cooperation between our company and the healthcare world, Ecupharma S.r.l. abides by the rules on the disclosure of transfers of values from pharmaceutical companies to Healthcare Professionals(HCPs)/Healthcare Organisations(HCOs) as set forth in chapter 5 of Farmindustria’s Deontological Code, adopted by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations.

Pursuant to these rules, in 2016 Ecupharma started disclosing all information concerning any payment to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations of the previous year. This information includes:

Direct or indirect funding of congresses through healthcare facilities or third parties, including sponsorship of medical practitioners during congresses and events by paying for registration fees, travel expenses and accommodation;

Fees for consulting and professional services not included in the paragraph above, rendered by an HCO or HCP to Ecupharma S.r.l., and related expenses;

Donations and grants (including commodates) in cash or in kind directly or indirectly given to HCOs.

Ecupharma S.r.l. shall disclose this information on an individual basis whenever possible and shall include the HCO’s or HCP’s name and any other data that clearly identifies the HCO or HCP. As far as HCPs are concerned, data will be disclosed only after receiving explicit consent pursuant to the Italian privacy protection regulations. If consent is not given, data will be disclosed on an aggregated basis: the total number of HPs and the total annual amount will be reported for each category of activities.

Data will be disclosed by June 30 of every year and will be accessible for at least 3 years.

For further information on transparency in the disclosure of transfers of values from pharmaceutical companies to healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations, please visit or

You can access the information –disclosed in compliance with the Italian Privacy Law – concerning individual HCPs who gave their written consent as well as the rest on an aggregated basis. To see the file, please click on the links below:




Please note that all expenses have been apportioned on an accrual basis and all amounts disclosed are net of VAT.