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Ecupharma invests considerable resources in researching, developing and marketing both innovative and long-standing molecules to prevent and treat several neurological disorders. This strategic area comprises an extensive list of products which can ethically and successfully relieve symptoms and give back an acceptable quality of life to patients suffering from:

We also offer nutraceutical food supplements specially formulated to maintain normal functions and protect against oxidative stress.

NeuroScience Products:
ABERIPRA Aripiprazole Antipsychotic
AIDEX Rasagiline Antiparkinson
AMALESS Lamotrigine Antiepileptic
AMASCI Escitalopram Psychoanaleptic Antidepressant 
BLIXIE Donepezil Anti-dementia
DEMENCO Memantine hydrochloride Anti-dementia
DULEX Duloxetine Other Antidepressants
ECUBALIN Pregabalin Antiepileptic
ECUHEAD Rizatriptan benzoate Antimigraine
ECUMENS Piracetam Psychostimulant Nootropic 
ENZAVER Cinnarizine / Dimenhydrinate Antivertigo
GABANEX Gabapentin Antiepileptic
GEALEVIDE Amisulpride Antipsychotic
LOPIREN Ropinirole Antiparkinson
MATEVER Levetiracetam Antiepileptic
MEDIKINET Metylphenidate ADHD Medication
SELECOM Selegiline hydrochloride Antiparkinson
XITOP Topiramate   Antiepileptic, Antimigraine

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Food supplements: